How To Do Guest Blogging Correctly

Guest Blogging
Well, Guest Posting/Guest Blogging is very very important to be successful as a blogger because as I have described earlier in my previous articles that guest blogging is one of the best and purest way to build quality backlinks for your blog but the problem is, most of the newbie bloggers don’t actually know How To Guest Blog Correctly And Properly?

So, I thought, I should write some quality tips on How To Do Guest Blogging Correctly And Properly?

New to blogging and don’t guest posting/guest blogging? Don’t worry, read the below paragraph carefully.

What Is Guest Blogging Or Guest Posting?

Guest Blogging is actually when you publish an article on someone others blog as a guest author and in turn, that blog owner gives you a do follow backlink for your blog.

Guest Blogging is very important because it helps you build quality backlinks for your blog, also increases your traffic because, if the readers of that blog like your post, they badly want to visit your blog and eventually also become your readers.

One more and the main advantage of Guest Blogging is, your respect in the eyes of Search Engines increases because popular Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc. love the blogs with more and high-quality backlinks and so rank them higher in the Search Engine Results which benefits because you get more organic traffic.

Now, when you know What Actually Is Guest Blogging? It will be very easy for you to understand the below points and tips for Guest Blogging correctly.

1- Uniqueness The Priority!

Well, all the things come after Uniqueness of your article. Whenever, you submit your article to a blog, the owner first of all checks whether the article is unique or not.

There are many articles on the web with the same topics but they all have their own styles so, always write in your personal style.

You can make the article unique by injecting your own thoughts, ideas, and motives. Try to add photos and videos to make your audience understand your point of views more easily.

Your content must be hot and evergreen so, that the visitors could read it with the same enthusiast and wanted level even if years have passed.

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2- Use Of Right Keywords

Readers always want perfect answers and logics to their questions, and for this they first scan your whole article for the specific titles, headings, words or phrases about which they want to increase their knowledge, and if they don’t get it, they are likely to leave your article at the same time.

Search Engine Robots also index your headings, titles, and repeated words and show them in the Search Engine Results.

So, its better to do a proper and detailed keyword research on a specific topic before writing about it, also highlight or bold the keywords so, that the readers could find them easily.

3- Write About A Specific Niche

Well, most of the newbie bloggers commonly make this mistake and start guest blogging on different blogs with different niches without having the proper knowledge to each of them.

This is the main reason, they even fail to approve their guest post so, just try to write guest posts about the topic you are the master in and its submission to the blog of the same niche also matters.

Don’t try to be expert in everything because this way you will fail very quickly. Just try to learn and master one thing completely than go ahead for the next.

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4- Respond To The Reader Comments

One of the best practices after publishing articles is responding to the feedbacks, questions, and queries of your readers.

Always, respond to each and every comment. If someone appreciates you, say thanks to them.

If anyone speaks something harsh or gives some angry comments don’t be disheartened. Just reply them in sweet and cool words and thank them for their valuable feedback.

Final Words!

So Guys! Today we discussed How To Do Guest Blogging Correctly. I hope you understood all the above points. If you have any queries, or you think, you have some other better points, and please share via the comment box below because sharing increases knowledge.

We’ll meet in our next post till then, Happy Blogging …. 😉