What is Spotify? How to use Spotify

We were bored with listening to the same songs every day, and Spotify was there. Both current music lists, spotify with most of the radio on the world, is a door that opens world music. Here’s Spotify.
Are not you tired of listening to the same radios, the same song lists every day, the arrows, the commute to and from work? You want to hear something new? The music application Spotify is for you.


What is Spotify?

Spotify Sweden is an intelligent music data streaming system. Sony, EMI, Universal, such as the famous record companies such as Universal, selected music, without any restrictions allows rest. The music; artist, album name, song name, genre, and so on. You can download Spotify Premium apk on Michael Daw’s blog and install it for free, Spotify Premium has more features than free version.

How is Spotify used?

The use of Spotify is very simple. First we download the android or iOS app. Then we become a member. After you become a member, you can synchronize with facebook via settings. If you sync with Facebook, you can easily see which songs your friends are listening to. Pop up, jazz, rock, fitness (which Spotify’s fitness music is famous for, we will come back later), club, country, etc … from the “browse” button on the upper left menu button . (there is a very wide fan). If you hit the “Play Mix” part, they start to play the list mixed. ” + Follow“Section of your” playlists “section of this record. You can access it from the “Playback listener” menu. You can delete unwanted lists here, share and download them with your friends.

 Is Spotify Paid?

Spotify is actually paid, but you can find yourself in a music world without paying a fee . We can only be exposed to advertisements, and even if we do not like some songs, we have to listen until the end. Already a fee for a fee. Only 9.99TL per month. We also have the right to download songs online which we like extra on the premium account . So you can listen to any time you want by entering Spotify from our phone without needing any data network. Besides, we get rid of advertisements and most importantly we can create our own list.

 Fitness Music

Yes, spotify ‘ın fitness music is quite famous. We will also touch on why it is famous; The most important feature is that it is prepared with scientific evidence. This list is made up of songs that will make you sport and motivate you so that you will not leave it on the floor. Spotify is the world’s leading expert on exercise and sports music . Costas made it with Karageorghis . Thanks to this scientific study, where 6.7 million playlists were analyzed, they created a playlist ( ultimate workout ) that would allow more athletes to sweat .

As a result, Spotify is a gateway to world music. It is a great application that we can reach almost all the radio and music on the world.


Find a good pair of earbuds or don’t listen to music…simple is that.

Why waste money finding the wrong pair when we have reviewed top 10 best earbuds under $50. These cheap models do not compromise on quality, durability and features at all. You’ll enjoy their sound quality and will fulfill all your demands.

Best Earbuds Under $50

So, let’s not waste more time and hook up with our list.


Some of the best earbuds under $50 that you should try.

Proto Rail Paintball Gun Review

The Proto Rail is a great spool valve lower-middle range paintball gun. It is smaller than the Planet Eclipse Etek but bigger than the Empire Invert Mini, so it is a nice middle ground. Big enough to feel solid and wrap your hands around, but not too large.

If you are looking at paintball guns under $300, this is one of the better choices.

2012, 2013 and 2014 are newer and differently designed markers, but similar to the 2011 rail.

Proto Rail Specs:

Spool Valve
Operating Pressure ~ 155 psi
weight ~ 1lb 14oz

Proto Rail Features & Design

For $250, this marker is packed with some great features and designs.

Dye Hyper-3 Regulator
Eye Pipe system
Aluminum Body
Composite Ultralite Frame
Aluminum trigger
Proto ASA & clamping feed neck
LED circuit board with four tournament modes
11″ Proto Barrel
The body is solid aluminum and does not feature any composite materials. The Rail comes with an Ultralite (UL) composite Frame following the Dye UL style. The trigger is aluminum, and the frame uses the standard dye style sticky grips as well.

What is quite impressive for the price range is the self-cleaning eyes with Dye’s Eye Pipe. In the event of a chopped ball, the eyes are kept clean of paint by a clear plastic sleeve. This allows the paint in the breach to then me pushed out by the bolt, acting as a squeegee on the sleeve. This eye system is also designed with integrated ball detents.

The bolt is pretty common design that is a screw in/out assembly with a metal back. The feed neck is similar to most current guns being adjustable to fit almost any hopper. I would consider upgrading it with a clamping feed neck as they are easier to use and more secure.

The circuit board is flexible with an adjustable rate of fire that can reach up to 25 balls per second. It has 4 different tournament modes and a LED light interface. The 2011 Rail features an upgraded solenoid from the previous models, improving airflow.

One great design feature from a maintenance perspective is that the internal O-rings are color coded to identify correct sizes. This aids in gun maintenance and eliminates the possibility of using the wrong size.


One of the great features on the Rail is the Hyper-3 regulator that comes with all Dye and Proto markers. It has great consistency compared to other markers in the price range, and operates at 155 psi gives a decent level of air efficiency. The efficiency ranges up to 1200 shots from a 68 ci/4500 psi tank.

Some people disagree with a composite build of markers, but when it is in your hands you don’t feel a difference, and it is more durable and lighter than aluminum frames. As far as the noise it is actually a gun that is noticeably quieter because of the Hyper-3 and spool valve combination.

The barrel is just an average 11″ stock barrel, so I would consider picking up a 14″ inch of some sort for better accuracy.

In my experience shooting and seeing the Rail, the ball chop rate seems to be quite low. I have only seen it chop 2 or 3 times. Due to the Eye Pipe system, chopping a ball has far less effect on performance compared to other paintball guns since it is cleaned through cycling.

Other Players Noted Opinions

For the most part, I have seen hardly any negative thoughts or feelings toward the 2011 Proto Rail. The only issues I have seen and heard about have been from people messing with the internals beyond regular maintenance who didn’t know what they were doing.

Overall there seems to be a high level of satisfaction with marker especially for the price range that it is in.

Comparison & Conclusion

At the time of the review, the cost of this marker is around $250 USD. When compared to other guns in its price range, it can hold its ground.

There are three markers in this range that are at very similar levels. These are the 2011 Proto Rail, the Dangerous Power G4, and the GoG eXTCy. While I prefer the Dangerous Power G4 to this marker, I rank this is second above GoG eXTCy.

Some of the pro’s with the Proto Rail are that it is a light and durable gun with a great shooting consistency. One con about the marker would have to be that it does need upgrades if you plan on playing upper-level paintball (but so would the GoG eXTCy and the DP G4).

If having to choose between the GoG eXTCy and the Proto Rail, it would definitely pick the rail. It is lighter, quieter, feels better in the hands, and has better performance. All of these markers are great for their price and have several similar features. In my opinion, I would most likely go with the Dangerous Power G4, but in all honesty, it’s about personal preference.

The Proto Rail is backed by a great company that packed this marker with some amazing features for the price and is a great value. All-in-all it is a great marker for players looking to start getting more serious with the sport of paintball.

What are your thoughts on the Proto Rail?

Human Touch Massage Chair Reviews

A good massage chair can give you a better experience than a professional relaxing massage. A hectic day can exhaust you badly. For this, you need a soothing experience that cheers you up again. A new technology is known as the Human Touch Massage Chair, and there is no other innovation as the Human Touch. They provide comfort from the tension in your body. If you’ve been looking for the best relaxing massage, then Human Touch Massage chairs are a perfect option available for you. They are available in multiple price ranges, and top models with ergonomic designs perfect for stimulating the relaxing experience in your body.
From the signature series to the traditional wall hugging back massage chairs, Human Touch features is the best solution that dominates all of them.

Human Touch Massage Chair Reviews

The innovation has managed to replicate the movements, and the special techniques use by the trained professional massage therapists. You’ll feel like surreal effects that are designed to relief the sore muscles, joint and alleviate your tensions and relieve stress. These chairs also invigorate and rejuvenate that allows you to enjoy your passion and pursuits. You can easily program the chair to target a specific spot on your body, or go for a full body massage.

Features of an HT Massage Chair

These HT massage chairs have ACUPOINT detection system that scans through the entire length of your back. A patented HT technology that gives surreal movements as of real therapists. A whole body massages functions. Thermo Stretch, Massage Comfort control, and HT connect. A body massage greatly enhances the circulation of blood through your body and energizes it. Your lymph system is stimulated that gives your body a natural defense against the toxins. HT massage chairs also helps you in the following ways:

• It softens the injured muscles.
• Promotes the release of endorphins that is a natural pain killer hormone in your body.
• Reduces the recovery time from strenuous workouts.
• Relieves from stress, and prevents high or low blood pressure.
• Prevents chronic conditions like back pain, bursitis, fibromyalgia, and arthritis.

So, HT massage chairs serve you with great benefits. Here are some great HT chairs that you can buy today.

1) HT Massage Chair HT-5040

The HT Massage Chair HT-5040 comes in black and the espresso color. The five professional massage techniques serves you with multiple massaging techniques each programmed for a particular area on your body. The head rest is designed in a way that it also gives comfort to your spinal cord.

There are three massaging programs with a body stretching features, a foot and calf massage and finally an ergonomic design that makes it a great decision for you.

2) Human Touch ZeroG 2.0 Immersion Seating Massage Chair

The Human Touch ZeroG 2.0 Immersion Seating Massage Chair features an ergonomic reclining motion function and a ZeroG 2.0 immersion seating technology that makes it one of the best HT chairs.
It has the stretch flex tone and ease compliments that knead your back with a circular motion giving you the relaxing experience. The material is made of leather that makes it durable.

3) HT Massage Chair iJoy-2850

The HT Massage Chair iJoy-2850 comes in black and espresso colors with 3 invigorating massage programs giving you different options to enjoy the massaging experience. The smart control panel is user-friendly. It also has the power recline and a Removable massage softening pad with an auxiliary power outlet.

The Human Touch iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic is also good option because it’s the cheapest one among all and have all basic features.

How To Do Guest Blogging Correctly

Guest Blogging
Well, Guest Posting/Guest Blogging is very very important to be successful as a blogger because as I have described earlier in my previous articles that guest blogging is one of the best and purest way to build quality backlinks for your blog but the problem is, most of the newbie bloggers don’t actually know How To Guest Blog Correctly And Properly?

So, I thought, I should write some quality tips on How To Do Guest Blogging Correctly And Properly?

New to blogging and don’t guest posting/guest blogging? Don’t worry, read the below paragraph carefully.

What Is Guest Blogging Or Guest Posting?

Guest Blogging is actually when you publish an article on someone others blog as a guest author and in turn, that blog owner gives you a do follow backlink for your blog.

Guest Blogging is very important because it helps you build quality backlinks for your blog, also increases your traffic because, if the readers of that blog like your post, they badly want to visit your blog and eventually also become your readers.

One more and the main advantage of Guest Blogging is, your respect in the eyes of Search Engines increases because popular Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc. love the blogs with more and high-quality backlinks and so rank them higher in the Search Engine Results which benefits because you get more organic traffic.

Now, when you know What Actually Is Guest Blogging? It will be very easy for you to understand the below points and tips for Guest Blogging correctly.

1- Uniqueness The Priority!

Well, all the things come after Uniqueness of your article. Whenever, you submit your article to a blog, the owner first of all checks whether the article is unique or not.

There are many articles on the web with the same topics but they all have their own styles so, always write in your personal style.

You can make the article unique by injecting your own thoughts, ideas, and motives. Try to add photos and videos to make your audience understand your point of views more easily.

Your content must be hot and evergreen so, that the visitors could read it with the same enthusiast and wanted level even if years have passed.

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2- Use Of Right Keywords

Readers always want perfect answers and logics to their questions, and for this they first scan your whole article for the specific titles, headings, words or phrases about which they want to increase their knowledge, and if they don’t get it, they are likely to leave your article at the same time.

Search Engine Robots also index your headings, titles, and repeated words and show them in the Search Engine Results.

So, its better to do a proper and detailed keyword research on a specific topic before writing about it, also highlight or bold the keywords so, that the readers could find them easily.

3- Write About A Specific Niche

Well, most of the newbie bloggers commonly make this mistake and start guest blogging on different blogs with different niches without having the proper knowledge to each of them.

This is the main reason, they even fail to approve their guest post so, just try to write guest posts about the topic you are the master in and its submission to the blog of the same niche also matters.

Don’t try to be expert in everything because this way you will fail very quickly. Just try to learn and master one thing completely than go ahead for the next.

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4- Respond To The Reader Comments

One of the best practices after publishing articles is responding to the feedbacks, questions, and queries of your readers.

Always, respond to each and every comment. If someone appreciates you, say thanks to them.

If anyone speaks something harsh or gives some angry comments don’t be disheartened. Just reply them in sweet and cool words and thank them for their valuable feedback.

Final Words!

So Guys! Today we discussed How To Do Guest Blogging Correctly. I hope you understood all the above points. If you have any queries, or you think, you have some other better points, and please share via the comment box below because sharing increases knowledge.

We’ll meet in our next post till then, Happy Blogging …. 😉

Delivering SMS Texts free of charge Online; is it Possible?

I would need to state that Cell phone is among the best inventions nowadays. It is an essential module in our daily existence which is nearest to the hearts. It’s got a lot of helpful features which make our existence a lot more useful. A mobile phone has many features but probably the most helpful features are SMS or texts. SMS is really a feature that’s broadly utilized on cell phones. It enables you to definitely send short texts via cell phones. SMS is rather a brand new sensation which has totally changed the way you use cell phones. Using cell phones for text texting could be little costly that may be flustered for many customers.


But because of the web Technology, now it is possible to use Internet to transmit free SMS or texts for their friend’s mobile phone. Using Internet for delivering texts is known as Internet Texting that is a new trend nowadays. The services are readily available for free for anybody. It’s convenient for everybody and many important factor is the fact that it’s not necessary to pay a single cent to be able to utilize it. Only factor you’ll need is really a PC with Web connection and you may begin using it at this time.

Delivering SMS Texts free of charge Online

You will find plenty of Internet Texts service companies available online. You essentially have to register with company you use to be able to send texts. You will find essentially three posts within the company website. The first is for Mobile number where you need to place mobile phone number of the individual you need to send SMS. Second is subject option where one can place the primary subject of the message. Then your third the first is message column where you need to write the messages you need to send. After filling all of the above posts, hit the SEND MESSAGE button. Recipient will get your messages within five second. It really works much like your family mobile to mobile SMS or text texting. You can easily use website to send free sms and send as much messages you need to send for free.

The benefit of using Internet Text Texting is it costs you nothing. You will find no charges for outgoing texting. Also, typing an SMS on keyboard is extremely easy evaluating to cell phone. Also, writing SMS on small secrets of mobile can cursed your lubberly fingers. However, writing SMS on keyboard is easily due to finger friendly secrets. You will find plenty of online facilities that offer internet texting. Pick one that work well for you personally. This is an excellent technology that is negligence culture. With Internet SMS Texting, you’ve totally you win but something to gain.

I hope you have liked this article. Please stay with us for upcoming features.

Azar Messenger; A Mobile Based Chat Room Application.

Chat sites are most common platforms for live chatting nationally and internationally. There are many chat sites that promoting and giving a platform to people. Some chat sites is to share your thoughts while other is to make you feel good. Azar messenger gives you option to make friends and talk with all the people in a good way. Most of the people do know each other and struggling to get good results after the comments of others. Pal talk offers voice chat sites as well as Video chat sites which are good. You can sort out your all worries by coming online to these chat sites.

Azar Messenger Chat Room

Some Useful Chat sites    

  • Hi chatter sites is the online platform for people to stay in touch
  • Azar messenger is the free online source of chatting
  • Users want to share their stress with people


These messengers are good to communicate with each other. It gives you positive results. People come over there and chat with each other. The best way is to make chat sites more attractive and wrathful. Azar messenger is the best video chatting chat room which is so good to use and good. Azar messenger have many chat sites where people talk on microphone and text and share their webcams also in a good way. Azar is the source of knowledge and informative for everyone in a good way. People love to interact with each other most of the time. When you have thousands of words to share but people does not ready to listen to you! You can easily find another way to talk to them as they also comes to talk to the people, no attitude exists in online peoples. On the other hand Azar is competitor of Whatsapp, but Whatsapp is a giant app with millions of users. Azar also provides option to set a status message just like Whatsapp, you can get one line whatsapp status from here.

Live Chatting

Chat sites messages are seen by people instantly. So that there is a potential risk for abuse, which may or may not be intentional. Websites have the guidance on how can you use the chat sites. They tell the users that how to sort out appropriate chat sites behavior, such as introducing yourself when you enter a room. It is also important to response in a good way to each and every one in the room. It is most important to know that which thing is called as abusive to avoid into the chat sites. The important thing is that chat sites are for specific purposes whether to talk about different categories. If a chat sites is for business, do not go there for flirt, and this is called abusive things to avoid in the chat sites.

The simple answer is when you are talking about the things that do not relate to the category of the chat sites that means you are abusing the rules of the chat sites. The best part is that it disclosed the reality of some scams that are making people fool and grabbing their passwords easily. A bonus tip is that do not disclose your number or location until you know the other person very well. Security of your data is most important rather than chatting. Azar messenger and other video calling messengers chat online rooms can be accessible using the smartphones.